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10-22 May: 72 hour Permaculture Course

The 72-hour Permaculture Course returns to Torri Superiore, with a program validated by the Italian Academy.
With Massimo Candela, Fabio Pinzi, Sauro Guarnieri and Lucilla Borio.


Permaculture is the main and most effective strategy we have right now to design a sustainable society.

It is both an ethical reference system and a set of daily strategies to be implemented at home, in the garden, at work, collaborating with others.

It is also a key to decoding the strategies used by nature to build resilient systems, to understand and read the landscape and the millennial signs brought about by man’s transformations.

In summary, from the observation of nature comes the art of weaving useful relationships in all the contexts in which the human being acts. Making permaculture therefore means redesigning the world starting from one’s own front door.

The program will be rooted in the natural context of the Ecovillage with its thirty-year experience of teamwork, linked to the Mediterranean climate of western Liguria, to the terraced Ligurian territory and to the building and housing recovery of the ancient medieval village.

The field of study will also include the work of “Le Terre di Confine – Rete di imprese”, which in some former floricultural greenhouses in the valley produces vegetables for 120 families and has installed a first spirulina production tank, managing all activities in the regime of social agriculture.


  • Ethics, principles and attitudes
  • Design strategies and methods
  • Patterns in nature and patterns in design
  • Climate and microclimate
  • Trees, water and soil
  • Strategies for different climates
  • Water production and aquaculture
  • Permaculture and city
  • Social permaculture
  • Design tests and final presentations


Participation fee

(includes food: buffet breakfast, lunch and dinner)
€ 600 in the dormitory
In own tent € 470 (limited places)
The Torri Superiore guesthouse is managed by the Ecovillaggio cooperative
All receipts are invoiced