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Volontariato3The work of building and developing an ecological and sustainable way of life at Torri Superiore wouldn’t be possible without the help of volunteers. Since 1992 we have hosted international volunteer work camps in partnership with the national environmental organisation Legambiente (, and we regularly welcome volunteers interested in ecovillages, organic and permaculture methods, and our community. Hundreds of people from all corners of the globe have contributed to restoring the village and its surrounding land, getting in return an experience that we hope will inspire their future dreams and choices. Volontariato1

As well as groups, individual volunteers are also welcome at Torri. We offer two options: a) Full work exchange (in the summer months only) sleeping in tents and helping us mainly in the guesthouse (cooking and cleaning) b) Working guest, a part-time option, working for half the day with a variety of activities around the ecovillage (farming, wall building, restoring, cleaning and cooking) and staying as a paying guest for the other half (€ 15 / day).

If you would like to visit us here in Italy as a volunteer, please get in touch to find out more about the dates and conditions of a stay:  Phone: +39 0184 215504 volont-olive2

“This has been an amazing experience. My first jam, picking fruit, etc. I have become an expert sweeper and vegetable chopper and am bringing back a few recipes with me back to the States!” Sam Fox, Pennsylvania, USA
“It has been great and inspiring for us to be here. This valley is a paradise that welcomed us with great softness. Good to experience a real community where all the generations are represented and people live in balance between work, joy, rest.” Petra and Chaim, Israel
“Thank you for the wonderful hospitality! I had a great experience harvesting olives, planting favas in the terraces, visiting the gardens, and especially sharing all the delicious meals. It ha been a time in Italy that I will never forget!” Kij McIntyre, Orcas Island, USA