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GEN (the Global Ecovillage Network, is a worldwide information and education service, providing advice to ecovillages and communities, and those interested in their aims. Founded in 1995, it now numbers thousands of members and promotes the ecovillage model and ecotourism to both national and international bodies, among which the UN ECOSOC commission as consultive member.

From 1999 to 2003 the main office of the European ecovillage network (GEN-Europe, was located in Italy at Torri Superiore.

As well as playing a large role in the development of the global network of ecovillages, Torri Superiore is a founding member of the RIVE (Rete Italiana Villaggi Ecologici,, which unites and represents the most relevant Italian ecological communities. Today RIVE comprises many different communities and initiatives, organised in different groups: existing ecovillages, ecovillages under construction, ecovillage projects. Every year the network organises a summer gathering for hundres of people interested in community living.

Logo.permaculturaTorri is also a founding member of the Italian Permaculture Academy ( For many years we housed the Academy’s secretariat, and we study and apply permaculture principles in the continuing development of our ecovillage project.


Torri Superiore is a members of “Turismo di valore “, an ecotourism programme created by Legacoop Liguria. The catalogue “Viaggiare Insieme, un’esperienza cooperativa” ( features 23 ligurail cooperatives active in tourism sector.tondo3

Since 2004 our guesthouse is certified by ICEA – Istituto per la Certificazione Ecologica e Ambientale (, and is part of  the AIAB – Associazione Italiana Agricoltura Biologica ( network.


The guesthouse is also a members of  the British network “Responsible Travel” ( that certifies the standars for tourism activities and evaluates the impact (environmental, social, economic) on the local community.  Born in 2001, it is world the largest portal for sustainable tourism.