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During the course of the 20th century Torri Superiore was gradually abandoned to decay, becoming a ghost town. Its beautiful towers and productive terraces were almost completely deserted, falling into a state of ruin. rovine torre nord

In the early 1990s the Cultural Association began purchasing the village from its then-owners, with the aim of restoring it as an Ecovillage and creating homes and food for a new community of residents. Many years of patient research were necessary to find the owners and negotiate the sale of their property.
VISTAOver the course of the next few years a detailed study of the village’s structure took place, before the beginning of a complex restoration programme that balances private and public areas.

A recycling plan was designed that would preserve and enhance the character of the medieval village through the use of natural, eco friendly materials, appropriate principles of bio-architecture and by working in harmony with the surrounding environment. Wherever possible local firms based in Liguria, supported by the efforts of members, residents and volunteers from all over the world have carried out the building work.


The restoration work started in 1997, and in 2012 all the communal areas were completed, including the cultural centre, plus 21 residential units out of the 22 planned. Solar panels were installed for the production of hot water, and also photovoltaic panels for electricity.

roof MapIn the building site, local small firms were employed with the constant help of the Associations members and of volunteers from all over the world.