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Asino3Peak oil and climate change together constitute one of the biggest challenges civilization has ever faced. Since many year at Torri we have begun the process of transitioning to a post-petroleum world, because the reality of mitigating cli­mate change requires us to use far less oil, and the approaching peak of world oil production will force us to use less. While the issues surrounding both climate change and peak oil can be challenging, scary and often depressing, we think, in the words of Rob Hopkins that “the future with less oil could be preferable to the present, but only if sufficient energy and creativity are applied early enough in the design of this transition.”

transitionTorri is part of the Relocalization Network – a network of community groups, environmental organiza­tions and NGO’s trying to relocalize our way of life (where our food and energy come from, where we work, where we take holiday’s etc) – and also Transition Initiatives – a group of villages, towns and cities working to make their community viable in a post-petroleum world.

We are working on a variety of pilot projects to show what can be done to transition to a more sustainable future. The projects include a compost toilet, a small scale reed bed for processing grey water, a solar cooker and a Ram pump (a water pump which uses no electricity). fitodepurazione