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La Tranvata. Interactive Theatre show.

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Interactive theatrical show with Mavi Gianni by Zoè Teatri

The plot: the unbearable solitude of the jars according to Agenore Catuditto, the director of “Sostiene Perito Neo”. The action takes place in a world populated by sentient objects, magnificent presences, infinite loves …
Social media are tools for emotional sharing, Twitter the window of emotions and indignation the photo of a shutter, the writing “do not stand” to which someone has added “without you”, a table with handmade pasta, the barrel of the Turkish police to the protesters, the beating of amarone ripasso.

In this interactive theatrical thriller proposed by Mavi Gianni by Zoe Teatri, the barrier between actors and spectators, between the audience and the stage, is broken. The clients-guests of the dinner, divided into teams, turn into investigators and interrogate the suspects who sit at the table with them.
Between one course and another, in a fun and intriguing atmosphere, unusual suspects are investigated in search of unexpected clues and, at the end of the evening, each team indicates murderer and motive.

reservations required

buffet dinner with vegan and vegetarian option price per person € 20 – children under 13 years € 10
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