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Comunita2009The resident community at Torri Superiore started as a small group in 1993 and currently has about 20 permanent members, including 8 children. Though it’s hard to say what defines us as a community, we could be described as a scarpine2group of people from all over the world involved in a common project of rebuilding, education and responsible living. Every family has a private home with a kitchen, but we all enjoy sitting down to a meal together, usually in the dining room of the guesthouse.

Residents of the community look after all the day-to-day activities that take place at Torri: organising events, celebrations, parties and art activities, galline2managing the restoration of the ecovillage, and developing our organic farming and permaculture programmes (at the moment this includes the small scale production of olive oil, vegetables and fruit for self-consumption, housing chickens and donkeys, and bee-keeping).corso_tavolo

The community meets once a week, and makes its decisions by consensus. Our common language is Italian.